1. Assessment

    The Assessment Department handles items related to local taxes and exemptions.

  2. Highway

    See what services are offered by the Highway Department.

  3. Planning & Development

    The Planning and Development Department handles code enforcement, building permits, and local stormwater and sewer services.

  4. Police Department

    The Town of Manlius Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency committed to providing Community Oriented Policing Services to the residents and businesses within our community.

  5. Receiver of Taxes

    The Receiver of Taxes in the Town of Manlius is an elected position and consists of a 4-year term.

  6. Recreation

    Recreation is a vital part of this town in that it brings people together in a healthy, happy atmosphere increasing town pride and togetherness.

  7. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk performs many duties, including maintaining records of local laws and keeping an accurate record of Town Board meetings.

  8. Trash & Brush

    Trash and brush pickup is performed by Syracuse Haulers as a service to the residents of the Town of Manlius.