Public Services

The Town of Manlius Police Department is made up of men and women whose spirit exemplifies Community Oriented and Problem Solving Policing. The Town of Manlius Police Department is a team of dedicated public service employees, who are professionals that pride themselves on working hard to keep our town a quality place to live, work and visit. The Town of Manlius Police Department offers a wide variety of public services that are provided to businesses and residents within the boundaries of the 54 square miles that make up the Town of Manlius.
  1. Child Safety

    The Police Department offers services specifically to help keep children safe and secure.

  2. Community Relations

    The Town of Manlius Police Department strives to maintain positive community relations by providing and sponsoring programs throughout the community and the 2 school districts located within the town.

  3. Confidential Tips Hotline

    If you have any information about suspected criminal activity in our community you can assist the Town of Manlius Police Department and remain anonymous by calling our confidential TIPS line at 315-682-8673.

  4. Critical Response Committee (CRC)

    The mission of the Critical Response Committee is to coordinate the various emergency services and available resources for a response within the town of Manlius in the event of an emergency.

  5. Explorer Post 906

    Explorer Post 906 was instituted as a cooperative effort of the Town of Manlius Police Department and the Hiawatha Council Division for Exploring (Boy Scouts of America).

  6. Non-Criminal Fingerprinting

    Non-criminal fingerprinting is provided at no cost to any town resident and to any business located within the town.

  7. Property / House Checks (PDF)

    If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, you may call 315-682-2212 to request a property check or you may complete this form and email it back to the Traffic Coordinator.

  8. Traffic Enforcement

    The Town of Manlius Police Department's continued goal is to ensure the safety of all motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.