Records Section

The Records Section is the central depot for all police reports and records. Records personnel also assist with walk in complaints and phone calls.

Partnership with BuyCrash

As a service to our residents and the business community, the Town of Manlius Police Department is proud to announce a partnership with BuyCrash to provide online access to all Town of Manlius Police Department vehicle accident reports. All vehicle accident reports will be available 96 hours after the vehicle accident occurs (or sooner if completed) with the exception of fatal vehicle accidents and accidents that are still under investigation.


All requests from businesses for Town of Manlius Police Department vehicle accident reports will be referred to BuyCrash. The Town of Manlius will not provide vehicle accident reports to businesses unless a specific vehicle accident cannot be located on the BuyCrash website, or is a walk-in public records request.

Locating a Report

To locate a report:
  1. Go to the BuyCrash website.
  2. Select State: New York
  3. Select Agency : Manlius Police Department
  4. Fill in the requested information to search for a vehicle accident report.

User Account

You have the option to set up a user account at no charge through the website. A user account will help you find reports you may need quicker and will track your purchases as well.