Police Committee


Meetings are scheduled by the Police Committee. For more information please call 315- 637-3521.


  • John Loeffler - Chairman - Town of Manlius
  • Allison A. Edsall - Secretary
  • John Abbott - Village of Minoa
  • Karen Green - Town of Manlius
  • Dan Kinsella - Village of Fayetteville
  • Francis Marlowe - Chief of Police
  • Scott McGrew -Village of Manlius
  • Tom Pilewski - Village of Manlius


The Town of Manlius Police Committee was formed in 1985 when the Town of Manlius and the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius, and Minoa entered into an Intermunicipal Agreement wherein the municipalities agreed to jointly provide police services for the residents of the Town of Manlius.

Purpose & Membership

The Police Committee was formed to determine policy for the Police Department. The committee consists of 5 members, one appointed by each of the Villages, and two appointed by the Town. Committee members serve at the pleasure of their appointing municipality without compensation.