Town Clerk

Message From the Town Clerk

Our office is always buzzing with activity and information. Just give us a call and we can try to point you in the right direction. Please check out other important links for more information on the Town Board meetings and more.
Town of Manlius Zoning Map, showing the different zones and a legend for reference


  • Accepting fees for building permits, copies of records, Highway Agreements, and other permits
  • Administering oaths of office to all officers and employees of the town
  • Assisting with general and primary elections
  • Attending Town Board meetings and keeping a complete and accurate record of the proceedings
  • Having custody of all records, books, and papers of the town
  • Issuing licenses, such as:
    • Dog Licenses
    • Games of Chance and Bell Jar Licenses
    • Handicap Parking Permits
    • Marriage Licenses
    • Peddlers and Solicitors Licenses
    • Sporting and Fishing Licenses
  • Legal notices regarding bids, public hearings, etc.
  • Preparing abstract for payment
  • Preparing minutes of the Town Board meetings and keeping them in minute books
  • Processing fees collected by other offices
  • Procuring and maintaining signboard and post legal notices
  • Providing notary services to the public
  • Recording all local laws
  • Retaining an ordinance book
  • Sales of zoning and other ordinances
  • Serving as the town's Freedom of Information officer

Notice On Travel With a Passport

The U.S. Department of State has released a short video highlighting the importance of knowing your passport’s date of expiration. Many countries require a passport to have up to 6 months of validity in order to enter. In some cases, those without the required validity may not be able to board their flight to their final destination.