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Recreation Department Employment Application

  1. Do you hold a valid Driver's License?*

  2. What age group(s) do you prefer to work with?

  3. Summer

  4. Fall

  5. Winter

  6. Spring

  7. Weekends

  8. Do you hold a First Aid Card?

  9. Do you hold a CPR Card?

  10. Are you applying to be a lifeguard and/or water safety instructor?*

  11. Do you hold an active Lifeguard Training Certificate?

  12. Do you hold an active W.S.I. Certificate?

  13. Do you hold an active Waterfront Module Certificate?

  14. Begin with the most recent.

  15. Include people who can furnish information as to character, training and experience.

  16. Fill in the names of the City or Village, School District, and State of which you are a legal resident.

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