Town of Manlius, NY
Welcome to the Town of Manlius
Town Department Frequently Asked Questions
A: Call Town of Manlius at 315-637-8815 or Last Chance Recycling at 446-1402 for Brush pick-up, and Syracuse Haulers at 315-426-6771 for Trash pick-up

Q: What do I do with the brush that I can’t bundle (large trees)?
A: Call Last Chance Recycling at 315-446-1402 or a tree or landscaping service.
A: We will do this if it is in our right of way (within 25-30 feet from the center of the road depending on location of road). Otherwise, you are responsible to take care of this matter.
A: We will grind stumps if they are located in our right of way.
A: Blue bins can be picked up at the town highway garage weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
A: The town highway department does not pick these up nor are we responsible for the disposal of these items. Call OCCRA at 315-453-2870
A: We will come and remove the dead deer if it is a Town owned road (named roads). Dead deer on state and county roads should be referred to them.
A: If it relates to drainage on a town road, we will add it to our list of items to fix. If it relates to a water delivery problem, then they should call OCWA at 315-455-7061.
A: You should call Onondaga County sewer maintenance at 435-3157.
A: We have one full-time roadside mower that mows continuously all summer long. We will mow all town owned roads about 3 times during the summer season.
A: Yes, you may bring brush (and Christmas trees) here to drop off, and we will grind them into mulch.
A: There is a limited supply of free mulch here at the town highway department available for town residents to pick up. Residents are responsible to load their own mulch.
A: Your neighbor may live on a state, county, village, or a neighboring town highway.
A: Our plow routes take approximately 3½-4 hours to complete. Your road will be addressed sometime during each plow run.
A: Even though it is not legally required, we will gladly fix your mailbox if it is hit by one of our plow trucks. We are not responsible to repair mailboxes damaged by private driveway plows.
A: We do not intentionally plow more snow in your lawn than your neighbor’s lawn; but depending upon your location, this could happen.
Justice Court Department FAQ

Q: How can I pay a fine?
A: When paying traffic fines in person, we accept cash or MasterCard and Visa credit/debit cards. No personal checks are accepted. Fines can also be paid through the mail with Money Orders or by using the bottom portion of the invoice for payment by MasterCard and Visa credit/debit cards.  We can not accept payments by phone or by Fax. If payment is made by credit/debit card, a 2.99% fee is incurred for processing.

Q: Can I respond to a ticket by mail?
A: You may answer minor traffic infractions by mail. A misdemeanor charge requires a personal appearance. See information relating to traffic infractions.

Q: What will my fine be?
A: There is a mandatory State Surcharge of $93.00 on all traffic infractions, and $63.00 on equipment infractions. The Judge will impose fines as provided by law.

Small Claims- A way to obtain a monetary judgement for monies owed.

Q: Do I need an attorney?
A: No

Q: How do I file?
A: You may file a small claim if the defendant resides in, or has a business  in the Town of Manlius. Claims may be made for amounts up to $3000. There is a $10 fee for claims up to $1000 and $15 fee for claims between $1001 to $3000. Filings are done at the Court office.  Contact the court if you have questions.

Q: How do I get a Court appointed attorney?
A: That will be determined by the Judge at your court appearance.

Q: How do I get to the Court?
A: From 690 E continue on 481 S to Exit 3E. Follow the signs to Fayetteville, continuing on Rt. 5 past the Fayetteville Town Center. When you reach the top of the bridge, turn left onto Brooklea Drive, at the stop sign bear right. When you reach the Town Hall, you will see signs directing you to the Court. From the Thruway, take Exit 34A to 481 S to Exit 3E. Then follow the directions above.

Police FAQ
A: If you are the victim of a crime that occurred in the Town of Manlius or the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius or Minoa, you should report the crime to us as soon as practical. We will thoroughly investigate your complaint and will work in conjunction with other agencies as necessary.

During the investigation, we will ask you for the particulars of the crime. We may request a written statement to assist in prosecution if an arrest is made. We will maintain contact with you throughout the investigation, but please contact us immediately should you develop additional information that might assist us.

If an arrest is made, we will forward relevant reports to the Court and the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office. Juvenile cases will be sent to juvenile justice authorities or appropriate diversion programs.

If you have experienced financial hardship as a result of the crime, you may request restitution through the prosecutor’s office. You may be eligible for assistance from the New York State Crime Victim’s Board.

A: If you are stopped by an officer, please understand that this is one of the most dangerous tasks that an officer undertakes and that he/she will take steps to ensure safety. You can help by pulling over as far onto the right shoulder of the roadway as possible, placing your vehicle in “park”, staying in your vehicle unless otherwise directed by the officer, turning on the dome light in your vehicle at night, and placing your hands on the steering wheel in view of the officer.

You may be asked for your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card. If any of these items are in an unusual place, please advise the officer before reaching for them.

The officer will explain the reason why you were stopped. You may disagree with the officer and are free explain your account, but you should not become confrontational with the officer.

The officer may issue you a traffic ticket. The ticket will contain a description of the alleged offense, plea instructions, and the date/time and location of your court appearance.

A: Depending upon which municipal subdivision the alleged offense occurred, your case will be returnable in one of the following Justice Courts:
  • Town of Manlius Court-301 Brooklea Drive, Fayetteville (use rear parking lot entrance)
  • Village of Fayetteville Court-Municipal Building, 425 E. Genesee Street, Fayetteville (2 nd floor)
  • Village of Manlius Court-Village Centre, 1 Arkie Albanese Avenue, Manlius (police entrance)
  • Village of Minoa Court -Municipal Building , 240 N. Main Street , Minoa (front door)
A: Our police officers are committed to, and have received extensive training in the standards of conduct by which they are expected to conduct themselves.

If you feel that a Town of Manlius Police Department employee has exceeded your service expectations, you are invited to submit a brief letter to the Chief of Police commending our employee. The employee’s will be acknowledged by the Chief and a copy of your letter will be placed in the member’s personnel file.

If you feel that a member of the Department has not conducted himself/herself in a professional manner, you may report his or her actions to a supervisor in person, in writing, or by telephone. If you wish, you may remain anonymous. A written complaint form will be completed and the member’s supervisor will conduct an internal investigation and you will be notified of the outcome.

Letters of commendation or complaint should be directed to:

Chief of Police
Town of Manlius Police Department
1 Arkie Albanese Avenue
Manlius, New York 13104

A: In the Town of Manlius and the Villages of Manlius and Minoa, there is no parking on any roadway from 1:00 A.M. to 7:00 A.M. between November 1 st and April 15 th. The Village of Fayetteville prohibits parking on the roadway from 2:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. between November 1 st and April 1 st. At the request of local highway and DPW’s, the Department will ticket and may tow vehicles in violation of all night parking regulations.
A: Contact the Town of Manlius Animal Control Officer at 637-0788. Unfortunately, the Police Department is not equipped to take custody of animals.
A:The Town of Manlius encompasses the three villages of Fayetteville, Manlius and Minoa. The Town population is approximately 31,000 people, while the Village of Manlius has a population of about 5,500 people.
Recreation FAQ
A: The Town of Manlius owns no parks. However, there are parks within the Town that are owned by other governmental agencies.


Green Lakes State Park (New York State)   637-6111
Mill Run Park (Village of Manlius)   682-9171
Beard Park (Village of Fayetteville)  637-4715
Canal Park (Village of Fayetteville)  637-4715
Lewis Park (Village of Minoa)  656-3100
A: There are 2 brochures available on-line each year. The Spring/Summer brochure is available early March and the Fall/Winter is available early September. You can sign up to receive the brochure by e-mail each time a new one is posted. Sign-up on the recreation page of this website.

Q: Why do we need to fill out a registration form for each program?
A: Registration forms provide us with the necessary information to give to program instructors. They give us medical information that can change at anyime, emergency phone numbers, doctors phone numbers and more. They help us offer you a safe program.
Tax Department FAQ

Tax Receiver Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I receive my tax bill, and when is it due?
A: Your county and town bill will be mailed around January 1st, and is due without penalty by January 31st. Your school tax bill will be mailed around September 1st, and is due without penalty by September 30th.

Q: Where do I pay my taxes?

A: Your taxes can be paid in person at the Tax office located in Town Hall, 301 Brooklea Dr., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. If mailing your taxes, they need to be mailed to the Tax Office at the above address and must be post office postmarked by the due date.

Q: Will I have to pay a penalty if I never received a tax bill?

A: Yes, it is the homeowners responsibility to pay the bill whether they received one or not. For that reason, it is important that you notify the Tax Office if you are a new owner, have changed your mailing address or no longer escrow your taxes.

Q: Can my taxes be paid with a credit card?

A: Yes. There will be a user fee assessed. The Town does not accept American Express.

Q: How do I receive a receipt when I have paid my taxes?

A: When paying your tax bill by mail or in person, present the whole bill when making your payment, and it will be receipted for you.

Trash and Brush FAQ
Who may join the Town of Manlius Trash/Brush Districts?
Any Town of Manlius residential property owner of a three family or less home AND who does not live inside any the the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius or Minoa. If you live in any of these villages, you must contract your local DPW department for information on your trash and/or bursh districts, please contract the Town of Manlius Trash and Brush Coordinator at (315) 637-8815.
What is the cost for being in the Town of Manlius Trash and /or Brush Districts?
The 2016 annual charge for trash enrollment is $173.00 for a single family, $346.00 for a two family and $515.00 for a three family house, and for brush enrollment it is $30.00 The charge(s) after enrolling is/are for the district(s) you are enrolled in will appear annually on your January property tax bill. If you join mid-year, there is a pro-rated charge for the Trash District only; there is no proration for mid-year brush enrollment.
If I cancel my trash and/or brush enrollment during a year, will I get a reimbursement?
If cancelled during the year, there is no reimbursement. In order to no longer have a trash and/or brush charge, either of these services must be cancelled with an effective date of January 1st of the following year.  Please call by mid January to have your Trash & Brush cancelled effective January 1 and have the charges removed from your bill.
What are the general guidelines for putting my trash out for pick-up?
Your trash needs to be out by 6AM on your scheduled day of pick-up or the night before. If your trash is not out when Syracuse Haulers arrives, you will have to wait for your next weekly trash pick-up day. You can put your trash into plastic bags or in a garbage can(s). You must supply your own trash can. A trash can may not be larger than a 90 gallon size. If you wish, you may rent a 95-gallon receptacle from Syracuse Haulers. Please contract Syracuse Haulers (315-426-6771) for details. A full trash can must not weigh over 50 pounds. If you put out plastic bags, please limit the number of bags to no more than eight, 32-gallon bags on pick-up day. Please be sure your trash is not obstructing any Town sewer drains or Town roads.
May I put items other than normal houshold trash out at the curb?
No. The weekly pick-up is for normal household waste only.
How do I dispose of bulk items?
There is no large trash pick-up day. Please contact Syracuse Haulers regarding the bulk items you want to dispose of. They will give you a price quote and schedule a time to pick it up.
Where do I pick up a recycle bin?
The recycle bins are available at the Town Tax Receiver's office in Town Hall, 301 Brooklea Dr., Fayetteville  between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm M-F. Blue Bins are also available at the Town of Manlius Highway Department, 5970 Clemons Rd., Minoa (656-3090)  between the hours of 7:00am to 3:00pm.
Who do I call if I have a problem with my trash and/or brush removal?
Please contact Syracuse Haulers at (315) 426-6771 or the Town of Manlius Trash and Brush Coordinator at (315) 637-8815.
Where can I find more information on Trash and Brush removal guidelines?
How do I dispose of:
  • PAINT CANS: Paint cans need to have the paint emptied out and then be completely dried out. Kitty litter can help with drying them out. Then, remove the can lids and put the cans next to your trash can and not inside of them. The lids can be thrown in the trash can. There is no limit on the number of paint cans that you may put out for pick-up. However, if you have several paint cans to dispose of, they should be put into a garbage bag and must not weigh over 50 lbs full.
  • BOXES (including moving boxes): Must be flattened/cut into sizes no bigger than 3X3 feet. Then, they can be placed next to or inside of your recycle bin. The packing paper may be put into your recycle bin.  If you have a lot of packing paper you may pack as much of the paper as you can into as few of the packing boxes as possible.  The packing boxes without any packing paper must be flattened as described.
  • CARPETING/CARPET REMNANTS: Small throw rugs may be bagged and included in your weekly trash pick-up.  Syracuse Haulers will make a special pick-up for your bigger carpets and remnants for a fee.  Please cut up your carpet into strip(s) no longer than three feet on one side.  Then roll it/them up and bind it with any kind of tape or rope or string.  There is a weight restriction of 75 pounds. Call Syracuse Haulers to find out the fee for them to pick it up and to arrange a pick up date.
  • SHARPS: Put used sharps in a heavy plastic detergent bottle, firmly tape (such as duct-tape) the cap on, label the bottle "sharps" and then place the bottle in your trash bin. In  addition, St. Joseph's hospital has a sharps disposal program and you can contact them regarding this.
  • LARGE ITEMS I.E. CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS (INCLUDING PLYWOOD), FURNITURE, TOILETS, SINKS: These items cannot be put out with your regular trash for removal. Syracuse Haulers will remove these items for a fee. Please contract them directly to arrange for a pick-up. You may also contact OCCRA (Onondage County Resource Recovery Agency, (315) 453-2866 or Camillus Land Fill (315-488-4846).
  • HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES: Household batteries do NOT go in the trash or blue bin. July of every year is "Houshold Battery Month". During the month of July, you may put your household batteries in the designated OCCRA plastic bag (may be picked up at the Town Hall or contact OCCRA). Then, place the bag on top of your trash can on your scheduled pick-up day. In addition, Wegman's Markets and Green Hills Markets have household battery drop-off boxes available at the stores. Please see OCCRA'S website for instructions on disposing your rechargeable and button batteries.
  • FIBERGLASS: Syracuse Haulers will not pick up any fiberglass at all since it is hazardous waste. You must contact OCCRA to dipose of any fiberglass. The contact OCCRA phone number is (315) 453-2866.
  • BROKEN GLASS: Wrap the broken glass in newspaper and seal it shut someway (i.e. a strong tape, inside a plastic bag). Then, label the packaging "broken glass" so as to protect the jaulers as they handle it.
  • LARGE LIMBS, TRUNK PIECES:. A second option is to take them to the Town of Manlius Highway Department at no disposal charge. Please contact them a (315) 656-3090 for details. Any tree limbs over five feet in length and 3 inches in diameter or large trunk pieces will be removed and disposed of by Syracuse Haulers for a fee
  • TELEPHONE BOOKS, PAPERBACK BOOKS AND MAGAZINES: Hardcover books are to be placed in the trash. Telephone books and paperback books are now recyclable and can be placed in your blue bin.
  • PLASTICS: All plastics numbered # 1,2,3 and 5 are now recyclable. This now includes empty butter tubs and yogurt cups, # 3'S do NOT include flexible black and green planters.
  • A BROKEN/DAMAGED BLUE BIN: Tape a sign on the damaged blue bin that says "Trash" and then put it out with your trash on your scheduled trash pick-up day. Please place it on top of or near your trash.
  • PROPAND TANKS, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, EMPTY HELIUM TANKS: ONLY empty one-lb camping propane tanks may be thrown in the trash (NOT the blue bin). the large 20-lb tanks (used with full-sized outdoor grills) can be refilled and reused repeatedly. Never put the 20lb or larger into the trash or blue bin. If you cannot reuse your 20 lb or larger tank, please contact OCCRA for a list of businesses that will accept the propane tanks for recycling. This list includes Bodow Recycling on Park Street, Syracuse and BJ's Wholesale Club in East Syracuse. Call the business of your choice first to find out about any restrictions and charges.
  • FLUORESCENT BULBS: OCCRA has a free recycling program for these items: Fluorescent Tubes up to 4 feet in length can be dropped off at any True Value or Ace Hardware. Any tubes longer than this must be part of the OCCRA's Household Hazardous Waste disposal. Fluorescent Spiral Bulbs can be dropped off at any Lowe's or Home Depot.
  • TIRES: Syracuse Haulers will dispose of these for you for a fee. They will also dispose of the tire rims but be sure to have any rims TAKEN OFF the tires before putting them out for pick-up by Syracuse Haulers.
  • FREEZER: Contact OCCRA for disposing of your old freezer. It can be taken to Ley Creek or Jamesville. The charge for just a freezer is $15.00. Another option is "Appliances Unlimited". Their phone number is 315-434-9500. You can either have them come to your home to pick up the freezer or you may take it to them, both for a fee.



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