Town of Manlius, NY
Welcome to the Town of Manlius
Trash District *
Trash pick up in the Town of Manlius is performed by Syracuse Haulers. For any questions regarding your trash or recycling pick up, please call Town of Manlius at  637-8815 or Syracuse Haulers 426-6771. Some important things to remember about your trash pick-up are:  
  • The 2014 annual cost for Town of Manlius trash disposal is $155.00. There is a proration for mid year enrollments. There are no refunds for mid year cancellations.
  • Have your trash/recyclables out by 6am or the night before your pick-up day.
  • Your trash containers/bags must not weigh over 50lbs full
  • Please limit the number of trash bags to 8 32-gallon bags. Plastic bags are acceptable.
  • You must provide your own trash can and it must not be bigger than 95 gallons.
  • Once enrolled charges will appear on your January property tax bill.
   Paper & Cardboard
   Newspapers & Inserts
  •    Magazines, Catalogs & soft cover books (hard cover books go in the  trash)
  •    Junk Mail & Envelopes
  •    Cardboard (Please flatten)
  •    Office & School papers
  •    (Any color, staples included)
  •    Shredded Paper
  •    Cereal, Pasta & Other Food Boxes
  •    Pizza Boxes Empty
  •    Gift, Toy & Tissue Boxes
  •    Telephone Books
  •    Non-Metallic Greeting Cards & Wrapping Paper
       Paper Towel Rolls & Toilet Paper Rolls
       Mailing Tubes, Paper Bags
    Plastic Bottles
  •    Plastic containers with the #1, #2 or #5: i.e.yogurt and cottage cheese containers
  •    Milk & Juice Cartons
  •    Drink Boxes & Soup Boxes  
  •    Water, Soda & Detergent Bottles
  •    Milk Jugs
  •    Beverage Bottles & Food Jars (Any color-Beer, Salsa & Jelly Jars)
  •    Shampoo Bottles
    Glass Bottles and Jars
  •     Beverage/food bottles & jars, any color.
  •     (i.e. beer bottles, liquor bottles, salsa jars, jelly jars, etc.)
  •     TO PREPARE:    Rinse bottle. Throw away any caps. Labels do not need to be  removed.
  •    Aluminum Baking Tins & Foil
  •    All food & beverage cans (tin, aluminum, etc.)
  •    Aluminum foil and baking tins
  •    Aerosol cans(that contained non-hazardous products)
  •    TO PREPARE: Rinse food cans, aluminum foil and baking tins. Throw away plastic caps. Empty aerosol cans.
    Gable Top & Aseptic Containers
  •    Gable top containers (milk & containers (drink boxes, soy milk containers, soup boxes)
  •    TO PREPARE: Rinse and flatten. Remove straws from drink boxes.    
    Upcoming OCRRA Events
   For more information on the above OCRRA events call OCRRA at 453-2866 or visit


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Brush District *
Some highlights of the Town of Manlius Brush removal distict are:
  • The 2014 annual charge for Brush enrollment is $30.00. There is no proration for mid year enrollments. There is no refund for mid year cancellations.
  • Once enrolled in the brush distict charges will appear on your January property tax bill.
  • Brush pick-up runs bi-weekly April through December with two live Christmas Tree pick-ups in January.
  • Have your Brush out by 6am on your pick-up day or the night before your pick-up day.
  • Brush must be contained in rigid containers and/or bio-degradable bags (no frosted bags) NO PLASTIC BAGS ALLOWED.
  • Brush containers must not weigh over 75 pounds full.
  • Sticks placed at the edge of the road MUST BE BUNDLED with string or hemp twine (no nylon twine) and must not be over 5 feet in length and 3 inches in diameter.
  • No sod allowed.
  • Brush put out for collection must not block sewer drains or Town roads. 
 2014 Brush Collection Schedule by Weeks: 

   January 6th             -          January 10th
   January 20th           -          January 25th
   March 31st               -          April 4th
   April 14th                -          April 18th
   April 28th               -           May 2nd
   May 12th                  -          May 16th
   May 27th                  -          May 31st   
   June 9th                 -            June 13th   

   June 23rd                 -         June 27th
   July 7th                    -          July 11th
   July 21st                   -         July 25th   
   August 4th              -          August 8th
   August 18th            -          August 22nd
   September 2nd       -         September 6th
   September 15th     -         September 19th
   September 29th      -        October 3rd
   October 13th           -        October 17th
   October 27th           -        October 31st
   November 10th      -        November 14th
   November 24th      -       November 29th
   December 8th       -         December 12th
   December 22nd      -       December 27th
2014 Holidays & Observances
For those signed up in the Brush removal district:
   There will be two live Christmas tree pick-ups in January 2014:
         The week of January 6th
         The week of January 20th
  The Christmas tree pick-up guidelings are as follows:
         Real trees only. No artificial trees.
         Remove all plastic bags, lights, stands, tinsel and ornaments
         The trees do not have to be cut up. They can be put out whole.
         No wreaths or garlands due to wire and styrofoam (put these items in the trash)
During these weeks you may also include any extra yard waste you may find on your property.
For those residences currently enrolled in the Trash and/or Brush removal programs through the
Town of Manlius the following is the 2014 holiday schedule and resulting delays in pick-ups:

Week of 12/29/13    Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, one day delay.         (New Year's Day)

Week of 05/25/14    All pick-ups Monday through Friday, one day delay.    (Memorial Day)

Week of 06/29/14    Friday pick-up, one day delay.                                   (Independence Day)  

Week of 08/31/14    All pick-ups Monday through Friday one day delay.   (Labor Day)

Week of 11/23/14    Thursday & Friday pick-ups one day delay.                (Thanksgiving)

Week of 12/21/14    Thursday & Friday pick-ups one day delay.                (Christmas)


 * The above information does not necessarily apply to Village residents, If you reside in the Village of Fayetteville, Manlius, or Minoa, please contact your DPW department with any questions regarding your brush and/or trash removal.
Resident's only may bring their brush, not included in the Town's Brush District, to be dropped off at the Highway Department at 5970 Clemons Road Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

The gate to the highway department WILL NO LONGER BE OPEN after hours or weekends. If you have items that do not qualify for brush district pick up by Syracuse Haulers and cannot get to the highway department during our normal working hours, OCRRA sites at Jamesville and Amboy are open April 2-November 30th on Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm. There is a small yearly fee for this service. For more information on OCRRA’s compost service, click on the link below, or copy and past it into your web browser:


*If you live in the Village of Fayetteville, Manlius, or Minoa, you must contact your village office for specific information on their brush programs.

 E-Waste Options For Households: 

Some locations do NOT accept televisions*, please call for details.


·         Best Buy (All local stores), Accepts electronics including TVs; some size restrictions apply. Hard drive removal and e-waste pick-ups may be arranged for a fee.


·         Bruin Computer Trading (Liverpool), 410-0050, ext. 4

Accepts all electronics (including TVs and microwaves) for free.No CRT TVS.


·         CNY Resource Recovery (Syracuse), 471-0254
Accepts all electronics, including TVs, for free.

·       F-M Returnables - (202 W Seneca St., Manlius) 682-4830

Accepts all electronics, including TVs


·         Newtech Recycling (Syracuse; located in the same building as Village Office Supply), 463-1112
Accepts electronics including TVs; some fees apply.

Metalico (Syracuse), 463-9500
Accepts all electronics (including TVs) for free.

·         Northeast Surplus & Materials (Syracuse), 476-4025 (No TVs)


·         OC Management (Syracuse), 458-3242


·         Radio Shack Accepts certain electronics via mail for trade-in value.  

·         Salvation Army (Syracuse), 445-0520, ext. 320

Only accepts items in working condition / recent vintage; no older computer monitors, only accepts flat screen monitors. Call for more information.


·         Staples (participating stores, restrictions apply; call for more info.)

E-waste includes:
Televisions (as well as cathode ray tubes)
Computer Peripherals* (Monitors, Keyboards, Mice or Similar Pointing Devices, Facsimile Machines,

Document Scanners, Printers)
Small Electronic Equipment* (VCRs, Digital Video Recorders, Portable Digital Music Players, DVD

Players, Digital Converter Boxes, Cable or Satellite Receivers, Electronic or Video Game Consoles,

Small Scale Servers

* Computer peripherals and small electronic equipment also include any cable, cord or wiring permanently affixed to or incorporated into such product. 


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