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Trash District *
This Trash District is for the Town of Manlius: If you live in a village please contact your village for trash questions.
Trash pick up in the Town of Manlius is performed by Syracuse Haulers. For any questions regarding your trash or recycling pick up, please  call Syracuse Haulers at 315-426-6771 or the Town of Manlius at  637-8815.
The 2015 annual cost for Town of Manlius trash disposal is $168.35 for a one family residence, $336.67 for a two-family residence, and $ 505.36 for a three-family residence. There is a pro-ration for mid year enrollments. The deadline for cancelling a trash service is September 1st  and the cancellation will be effective January 1st of the following year. There are no mid year cancellations.
Some important things to remember regarding your trash/recycles disposal are:
Be sure to have your trash/recycles out either the night before your pick-up day or by 6am of your pick-up day. Pick-ups will occur between the hours of 6:00am and 5:00pm. To find out the pick-up day for your street contract either Syracuse Haulers or the Town of Manlius or click on the link (below).
You must supply your own trash containers OR you can rent, from Syracuse Haulers, a 95-gallon receptacle on wheels for trash and a 65-gallon receptacle on wheels for recycling. These rentals are business transactions directly between the resident and Syracuse Haulers. If you choose to supply your own trash containers you can have up to a 90-gallon receptacle.
Your trash containers must not exceed 50 lbs full.
Limit the number of trash bags per pick-up to eight (8) 32-gallon bags. Plastic bags are acceptable.
Once enrolled in the Town of Manlius Trash District the annual charge will appear on your annual property tax bill.
Be sure to have all trash inside of your trash can bagged. Nothing must be put in it loose.
Trash removal can occur anywhere from 6am to 5pm.

For those residences currently enrolled in the Trash District through the Town of Manlius, the  following is the

2015 holiday schedule and resulting delays in pick-ups:
Week of 12/28/14:  
Thurs & Fri pick-ups, one day delay - New Year' 2015
Week of 05/24/15:  
All pick-ups Mon through Fri, one day delay - Memorial Day
Week of 06/28/  
15:NO DELAY for Independence Day - Independence Day
Week of 09/06/15:  
All Pick-ups Mon through Fri, one day delay - Labor Day
Week of 12/20/15:  
Fri pick-ups, one day delay - Christmas
Week of 12/27/15:  
Thursday & Fri pick-ups, one day delay - New Year's 2016
   Paper & Cardboard
   Newspapers & Inserts
  •    Magazines, Catalogs & soft cover books (hard cover books go in the  trash)
  •    Junk Mail & Envelopes
  •    Cardboard (Please flatten)
  •    Office & School papers
  •    (Any color, staples included)
  •    Shredded Paper
  •    Cereal, Pasta & Other Food Boxes
  •    Pizza Boxes Empty
  •    Gift, Toy & Tissue Boxes
  •    Telephone Books
  •    Non-Metallic Greeting Cards & Wrapping Paper
       Paper Towel Rolls & Toilet Paper Rolls
       Mailing Tubes, Paper Bags
    Plastic Bottles
  •    Plastic containers with the #1, #2 or #5: i.e.yogurt and cottage cheese containers
  •    Milk & Juice Cartons
  •    Drink Boxes & Soup Boxes  
  •    Water, Soda & Detergent Bottles
  •    Milk Jugs
  •    Beverage Bottles & Food Jars (Any color-Beer, Salsa & Jelly Jars)
  •    Shampoo Bottles
    Glass Bottles and Jars
  •     Beverage/food bottles & jars, any color.
  •     (i.e. beer bottles, liquor bottles, salsa jars, jelly jars, etc.)
  •     TO PREPARE:    Rinse bottle. Throw away any caps. Labels do not need to be  removed.
  •    Aluminum Baking Tins & Foil
  •    All food & beverage cans (tin, aluminum, etc.)
  •    Aluminum foil and baking tins
  •    Aerosol cans(that contained non-hazardous products)
  •    TO PREPARE: Rinse food cans, aluminum foil and baking tins. Throw away plastic caps. Empty aerosol cans.
    Gable Top & Aseptic Containers
  •    Gable top containers (milk & containers (drink boxes, soy milk containers, soup boxes)
  •    TO PREPARE: Rinse and flatten. Remove straws from drink boxes.  


Electronic Disposal Information
 It is now against New York State Law to throw out any electronics - or for a hauler to collect it or for OCRRA to accept it as trash.
 To get OCRRA's newletter on e-waste as well as available recycling drop off locations, please click the following.
Upcoming Community Electronics Recycling Event
Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the City of Syracuse DPW, 1200 Canal ST. Extension (off Milder Ave.) Syracuse.
Area residents can drop off old and unused electronics at no charge, and there is no limit to the number of items that may be dropped off.
    Upcoming OCRRA Events
   For more information on the above OCRRA events call OCRRA at 453-2866 or visit


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Brush District *
This Brush District is for the Town of Manlius: If you live in village please contact your village for questions.
Brush pick up in the Town of Manlius is performed by Last Chance Recycling. For any questions and/or problems with you yard waste pick-up, please contact Last Chance Recycling at 315-445-1402 or 315-374-8003. in addition you may call the Town of Manlius at 637-8815.
Once a residence is enrolled in the Brush District the annual charge will appear on the annual Property tax bill every January.
Some important things to remember regarding your brush pick-up:
Have your brush out Sunday night OR by 6am of the Monday of your pick-up. Pick-ups will occur between the hours of 6:00am to 5:00pm.
Brush containers must not weigh over 50 lbs full.
Sticks placed at the edge of the road MUST BE BUNDLED with string or hemp twine (no nylon twine) and must not be over five (5) feet in length or 5 inches in diameter.
Brush put out for collection must not block sewer drains or roads.
 2015 Brush Collection Schedule by Weeks:
Pick-up will be the 1st & 3rd Monday's of the Month
Starting April 6th on the North Side of the Town 
(all area's North of Route 5)
Click Here for a list of Streets North of Route 5 

Pick-up will be the 2nd & 4th Monday's of the Month 
Starting April 13th on the South Side of the Town
(all area's South of Route 5)
Click Here for a list of Streets South of Route 5 
2015 Brush Holiday Schedule:
There will be two exceptions to the Monday brush pick-up dates.
Memorial Day will be picked up on Tuesday
Labor Day will be picked up on Tuesday

The gate to the highway department WILL NO LONGER BE OPEN evenings or weekends. If you have items that do not qualify for brush district pick up by Last Chance Recycling and cannot get to the highway department during our normal working hours, OCRRA sites at Jamesville and Amboy are open April 2-November 30th on Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm. There is a small yearly fee for this service. For more information on OCRRA’s compost service, click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your web browser:


*If you live in the Village of Fayetteville, Manlius, or Minoa, you must contact your village office for specific information on their brush pick-up


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