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Snowplowing & Mailboxes


Please do not allow your children to build tunnels in the snow banks near the road.

Please give our plow trucks plenty of room when approaching and following them. They are very large, and their view is often obstructed by the plow equipment itself. While plowing snow, plow trucks are considered “emergency vehicles” and abide by those traffic laws.

Snow removal by private citizens & contractors:

Town law prohibits discarding or plowing snow in the road, or plowing the snow across the street.

Winter Street Parking:

According to Town of Manlius Code 139-11, Parking is prohibited on all Town Roads November 1st-April 15, from 1 a.m. – 7 a.m.

General Snowplowing Information:

Snowplowing usually begins around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Each snowplow run takes approximately 3 ½ hours to complete, and your road or street will be plowed and/or salted in each run. If the snow continues to be heavy, our plows will reload with salt and begin their route all over again and repeat this as many times as necessary throughout the day to ensure your safety on our Town roads.


Sometimes we inadvertently hit a mailbox or the weight of the snow will damage the box or post. Call the highway department to report it, and we will make arrangements to assess the damage. If we find it is our responsibility, the Town will come to your residence and fix your mailbox so you can receive mail. Sometimes this will have to be a temporary fix until time and weather permits a permanent repair. Occasionally, it may be necessary to make arrangements with the post office to hold your mail until we can deal with your mail box repair.

Standard mailbox replace consists of a black metal mailbox, and a 4x4” pressure treated post. The Town will not replace a Rubbermaid green surround as they do not hold up well in our area.

Mailboxes are erected in the Town Right of Way, and we perform this service as a courtesy to our residents.

The Town of Manlius plows several County owned roads. If you have a mailbox concern on any of the following roads, please report it to our office:

• Alverna Heights

• Highbridge Street (Route 5 to Sweet Road)

• Highbridge Hill (also referred to as Woodchuck Hill)

• Palmer Road (Salt Springs to Route 173

• Peck Road

• Salt Spring Road to County line

• School Roads (North & South)

• Sweet Road (Route 173 to Highbridge Street)

• Troop K Road

We do not perform summer time maintenance such as paving, ditching, or mowing on any of these above listed roads. Please refer those concerns to Onondaga County. Please see Road & Street Information for a comprehensive listing of Onondaga County and New York State roads.

Plow Staking:

Each fall our drivers spend several days staking the difficult areas on their routes. It is up to each individual driver to determine where he feels he needs to place the stakes. If you feel that your property deserves more staking, please feel free to purchase stakes and place them on your property.

Lawn Digs:

If your lawn is dug by our snowplow wing or blade, please call the highway garage at 656-3090 and report the information, and the Town will evaluate the damage. When the spring weather comes, our crews will come to your property and make the necessary repairs. If grass seeding is required, the property owner will be responsible to water the newly seeded area.

Portable Basketball Hoops:

The Town Highway Department is not responsible for damage to basketball hoops left in the Town’s right of way. They should always be set back from or removed from the right of way.