Message from the Highway Superintendent

Spring greetings from the Highway Department.  It appears that spring may have finally arrived, and we are just as excited about it as you are.  Sometimes Mother Nature likes to tease us with an occasional late spring snowstorm therefore we have to keep the bulk of our equipment ready for any surprises she may bring us. With that said, we are limited to the scope of work that we can perform during this transition.  The Highway Department is however very busy with many projects during this transitional time.

  • Yard clean up from snow plowing.  Please be patient with our crews as we are currently maintaining 111 miles of roads throughout the Town, getting to your neighborhood could take some time.
  • Although we maintain trees along the road all year long, we typically will be out cutting back brush as needed during this season.
  • Street sweeping--generally our first time out we complete all the roads first, and then go back out to your neighborhood again.
  • You might see crews out ditching and doing catch basin maintenance. Since we customarily experience quite a bit of rain in the spring, maintenance of the storm drains near your property is critical to keep the waters moving.  To facilitate proper drainage, please keep all debris including garbage, grass, and leaves away from the storm drain.  At no time should you be piling yard debris on or near a storm drain.
  • Mailbox damage because of snowplowing, if we have not already repaired yours, we will be coming around to do it. 
  • We are beginning to remove our snowplow equipment and ready our trucks in preparation for summer use.  The trucks get a thorough servicing, plus plow and frame painting as required. 

The gates at the Highway Department will be open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for residents only (no landscapers) for drop-off of yard debris.  You are able to access mulch any day of the week during daylight hours.

With spring comes the freezing and thawing of roads, which can create potholes.  If you know of a pothole on a Town of Manlius road that needs filling, please do not hesitate to call the Highway Department to let us know.

We will be doing maintenance work in preparation for paving.  We realize that road repair is inconvenient and will do our best to expedite the repairs in your neighborhood.  At no time will your home be cut off from access of emergency vehicles, nor will you be prevented access to your home.

As always, when you see construction crews in your neighborhood, please show them respect by being patient, slowing down, and giving them plenty of room.  Remember that the equipment can impair their views and hearing.  These men are our family, friends, and neighbors; and we want them, as well as you, to have a safe and happy summer.

Upcoming Roadwork 

Check this page for information on Upcoming Roadwork and the projects the Town has completed. 

Current Projects:   East Ave

Road Maintenance Completed:  Gadwell Lane, Wynnridge Lane, Innsbruck Lane, Torrington Lane, Highcrest Lane,Charlemont Dr., Duxbury Circle, Eventyde Circle, Harwich Drive, Rhinehart Circle, Sturbridge Drive, Swissvale Drive, Waltham Circle, Waltham Drive, Mcdermott Rd., Morley Lane,  Thornwood Lane.

McDermott, Pewter Lane, Market Place, HandHewn Way, Artisan Way, Whistler Circle, and Slippery Rock. Hobnail Lane (8400-8407) and Watergap Lane, Innsbruck Road - Drainage Work, East Kendall Drive 

Depending on the weather and contractor availability, we anticipate the roadwork will begin on the date listed. Inclement weather will delay roadwork.

  • You can expect rough and uneven driving surfaces.  
  • The new surface will not match your driveway until the top coat is in place.  
  • We ask that you avoid parking on the street Monday—Friday during daylight hours while this work is in progress.  
  • School buses and emergency services will be able to reach your home at all times.  
  • The Highway Department coordinates roadwork activities with Syracuse Haulers so as to not interrupt your trash and brush services.  Have your garbage and yard debris (if applicable) curbside by 6:00 a.m.
  • Mailboxes that are damaged or need to be removed to accommodate operations will be restored upon completion of the job.
  • Safety is always the top priority.  You can assist by observing traffic markers, obeying the flagmen, traveling slower, and allowing extra time.  

Please contact the highway department at 315-656-3090 if you have additional questions or concerns. 

Yard Debris Drop-Off

The Town Highway Department gates are now locked for yard debris drop-off after our business hours and on weekends. The gate will not be open evenings or weekends as in the past. However, free mulch will still be available 7 days a week. Please plan your visit to the mulch pile in daylight hours. 

There is no charge to the Town of Manlius residents for this service.


Residents only may bring their brush and tree parts to the Highway Department Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If you cannot get here during these hours, OCRRA Jamesville and Amboy sites are open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 2 to November 30, and will be happy to accept your yard waste at a small fee. In return for this fee, they will provide you with mulch or compost.


It is the highway department’s responsibility to maintain catch basins, culverts, pipes, and ditches on town owned roads. Please call our office and leave a message of any drainage issues that you might feel lie in these areas so that we can look at your property and address your concern.

Roadside Mowing & Street Sweeping

  • Roadside mowing begins around the middle of May when the grass begins growing, and continues throughout the warmer months as needed. Please be courteous and allow them plenty of room to insure both yours and the operator’s safety.
  • We try to begin street sweeping as soon as possible at the end of the plow season. Usually your street will be swept a minimum of two times during the warmer months. Once again, please be sure to give the equipment lots of room as their visibility is limited.

Dead Animals

We will remove dead deer on our Town roads only. For dead animals on a State or County road, please refer your call to them.

More Information

You are welcome to call our office at 315-656-3090 and leave a message with our highway secretary with any questions or concerns regarding our town roads.