Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes in the Town of Manlius is an elected position, which consists of a 4-year term. The Receiver and staff are available to collect School and County and Town taxes.

Tax Assistance & Services

Copies of Paid Receipts

Copies of paid tax receipts may be obtained upon request. Taxpayer's requesting a paid receipt should bring in or mail their entire bill. A receipt will be provided in person or by mail. If taxes are in escrow, the receipted bill will be forwarded directly to the taxpayer. When paid, a receipt for current years taxes can also be obtained at

Current 2023-2024 School Tax Bills view and print payments

Taxes are also due by 10/4/2023 without penalty. All payments made from 10/05/2023-10/31/2023 will be charged a 2% penalty. Taxes may be paid online (with a fee).

Current 2023 Town & County Tax Bills :

Third Party Notices

Third party notices are available for property owners, who due to illness or age, wish to have a concerned party also receive a copy of their tax bill.

Payments & Notices

  • Second notices are sent out for unpaid County and Town Taxes by March 15th.
  • Partial payments may be made on the Town & County taxes and the School taxes. No delinquent taxes may be due.
    • If you choose to make partial payments for Town & County Taxes, your payments may be made at any time, but a penalty will be charged on any payment that is made after the penalty free period.
    • If you choose to make partial payments for School Taxes, your first payment must be made during the penalty free period.
    • Each partial payment may be any amount and must include current penalties on any balance made after the due date.
    • Up to four partial payments may be made on the Town & County taxes.
    • Up to three payments may be made on the school taxes.
    • After the warrant to collect has expired the balance is due to the County finance department. 
    • All unpaid taxes are returned to the County Finance Department. For payoff amounts please contact them at 315-435-2426.
    • Credit and Debit Card payments are accepted. Payment may be made in person or online at and there is a 2.65% non-refundable user fee that will be applied to your payment. 
    • E-checks are now available at for a $1.50 service fee. 

New Property Owners

Any "new property owners" in the Town of Manlius should notify the Tax Office as soon as possible. It takes time for changes in ownership to be reported to the Town. Therefore, a tax bill may be sent to the previous owner. So for your own protection, call and advise the Tax Office where you would like your bill to be sent, as it is the home owner’s responsibility to check on their taxes.