Trash Pickup

This Trash District information is for the Town of Manlius. If you live in a village please contact your village for trash questions.

Trash Company

Trash pickup in the Town of Manlius is performed by Syracuse Haulers. For any questions regarding your trash or recycling pickup, please call Syracuse Haulers at 315-426-6771 or the Town of Manlius at 315-637-8815. Sharon Lake, Trash & Brush Coordinator can be reached via email at

Cost of Service

The 2021 annual cost for Town of Manlius trash disposal is:
  • $204.25 for a one-family residence
  • $408.50 for a two-family residence
  • $612.75 for a three-family residence
There is a prorate for mid year enrollments.


Once enrolled in the Town of Manlius Trash District, the annual charge will appear on your annual property tax bill. To enroll, contact Sharon Lake, Trash & Brush Coordinator via email at or at 315-637-8815. 

Cancelling Service

The deadline for cancelling a trash service is September 1st, and the cancellation will be effective January 1st of the following year. There are no mid-year cancellations. Once enrolled, the change appears on the January property tax bill. Please also submit your request in writing.

Pick-Up Times

Be sure to have your trash/recycles out either the night before your pickup day or by 6 a.m. of your pickup day. Pickups will occur between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. To find out the pickup day for your street, contract either Syracuse Haulers or the Town of Manlius or see the trash pickup schedule (PDF).

Trash Containers

You must supply your own trash containers or you can rent the following from Syracuse Haulers:
  • 95-gallon receptacle on wheels for trash
  • 65-gallon receptacle on wheels for recycling
These rentals are business transactions directly between the resident and Syracuse Haulers. If you choose to supply your own trash containers, you can have up to a 90-gallon receptacle.


  • Your trash containers must not exceed 50 pounds full.
  • Limit the number of trash bags per pickup to eight 32-gallon bags. Plastic bags are acceptable.
  • Be sure to have all trash inside of your trash can bagged. Nothing must be put in it loose.

Recycling & Electronic Waste

For more information on Recycling and Electronic Waste Disposal please call OCRRA at 315-453-2866 or visit their website.