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The Town of Manlius is committed to providing information and services online. During the COVID Pandemic, the Document Center will have information on the applications that are pending before the Town Board and the Planning Board. The agenda center will continue to provide information on agenda items for each meeting.  The Town is striving to keep residents informed and provide access to public documents as they become available. Please check this page often as information is updated as it is received. Please scroll down to view Planning Board applications. 

Town Board Applications

Proposed Zone Change - T.H. Kinsella - CA, RA to NRRD - Route 5 

Proposed Zone Change - T.H. Kinsella - Questions

Proposed Zone Change - Central New York Inland Port (3Gi) - RA to I - Minoa-Kirkville Rd.

Commercial Zoning Classification - Code Review and Amendments - Adopted

Proposed Local Laws

Planning Board Applications 

Route 5 Development Company - 540 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY 13066 - Determination - Site Plan - Lot 15 Restaurant Building - 406 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY 13066 Tax Map # 087.-01-15.2

Andrew Day, Labella Associates, 41 West Elm Street, Greenwich, Ct. 06830 - Disscussion - Site Plan and Special Permit - Salt Springs Road Solar - Solar Array – 8540 Salt Springs Road - Tax Map # 100.-01-11.1

CVE North America, Inc. 109 W. 27th Street, New York, NY 10001 - Discussion - Subdivision/Site Plan/Special Use Permit Solar Array - Duguid Road, Manlius, NY 13104 Tax Map # 099.-01-03

Keplinger Freeman Associates, LLC - 6320 Fly Road, East Syracuse, NY 13057 - Initial Presentation - Site Plan and Subdivision - New Dental Office - 8195 Cazenovia Road, Manlius, NY 13057 - Tax Map # 114.00-01-15.10

Special Districts

Salt Springs Road Potential Water Service Area 

Reports & Studies