Sustainable Manlius

SuSustainable Manliusstainable Manlius is the Town of Manlius’s environmental group that is made up of community and board members. We are working to start the transition towards renewable energy, raise awareness of environmental issues, and promote sustainable public policy in the Town of Manlius. Sustainable Manlius meets virtually on the first Thursday of every month.

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NYSERDA Clean Energy Community

We are working towards becoming a certified NYSERDA Clean Energy Community.

Completed Actions

  • Converted street lights to energy efficient LED technology saving taxpayers money.
  • The Town Board adopted the Unified Solar Permit on February 26, 2020. 
  • Train compliance code enforcement officer in energy code best practices

NYS Climate Smart Community

The Town of Manlius took the Climate Smart Community Pledge on April 22, 2020. 

The Climate Smart Communities program has 100's of actions we can do to work toward becoming a certified Climate Smart Community. Take a look at all the actions at and let us know if you see any actions you would like the town to look into. 

Current Actions

  • PE8 Action: Buy Local/Buy Green Campaign
    • The Town of Manlius is supporting the Greater Manlius Chamber Buy Local #ShopGreaterManlius campaign going on right now. Sustainable Manlius will be supporting this campaign by highlighting how buying local can be a green choice.

Task Force

Katelyn Kriesel, Councilor
Ryan Dunn, Community Chair
Elaine Denton, Councilor
Allison Weber, Town Clerk