Evidence Technician

An evidence technician takes pictures in a bedroom

The primary objective of the ET is the collection and preservation of evidence at crime and crash scenes.

Evidence Technicians (ETs) are responsible for responding to: 

  • Death Investigations 
  • Major Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Major Crime Scenes 
    • Burglaries 
    • Homicides 
    • Robberies 

Duties & Forensic Processing

ETs assist in securing and evaluating how to process a scene and the collection of any physical evidence for analysis or safekeeping. The ET performs forensic processing of physical evidence to include: 

  • Collection of trace evidence and biological materials 
  • Photographing the scene 
  • Preparing crime and crash scene sketches and diagrams 
  • Recovery of foot, tool and tire impressions 
  • Recovery of latent prints