Traffic Unit

Within the Town's 54 square mile jurisdiction, there are many local village roadways in addition to 6 state and 18 county roads. Many of the state roadways are main thoroughfares that are direct corridors to the City of Syracuse. These corridors are heavily traveled each and every day. 

A police car sits next to road cones laid out at an intersection

Traffic Safety

The Town of Manlius Police Department prides itself on its efforts to enhance traffic safety for both motorists and pedestrians. We participate in all aspects of the 5 Es of traffic safety: 

  • Engineering 
  • Enforcement 
  • Education 
  • Evaluation 
  • Encouragement 

Enforcement Goals

By the nature of our profession, enforcement is our primary goal. We strive to remain proactive with regards to traffic enforcement with improved safety as our primary objective. We see enforcement as a tool used to obtain that objective. In our continued goal to ensure the safety of all motorists operating within our jurisdiction, traffic enforcement is utilized by the department to reduce personal injury and property damage to the pedestrian, cyclist, and the motoring public. 

Unit Staff

The traffic unit is comprised of a captain, 2 sergeants, and 6 road patrol officers who go above and beyond their normal daily responsibilities focusing on enforcing all aspects of traffic safety. Members of the Traffic Unit have additional responsibilities such as: 

  • Alco-sensor Calibration 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Media Relations 
  • Organizing Targeted Enforcement Campaigns 
  • Radar Certifications 

Traffic Complaint Form 

If you have concerns about a reoccurring traffic violation in your area, please complete the Traffic Complaint Form.