Town Manager


  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of all Town departments in accordance with the policies of the Supervisor.
  • Oversee and implement the Town's personnel policies in a fair and equitable fashion in accordance with applicable law and regulation.
  • Attend meetings of the Town Board, as needed, and assist in the preparation of the agenda of such meetings.
  • Prepare resolutions as needed.
  • Conduct a continuing study of all functions and activities of the Town for the purpose of devising ways and means of obtaining greater efficiency and economy.
  • From time to time, make recommendations to the Town Supervisor as to measures or programs which will improve the efficiency or economy of the Town government.
  • Serve as the liaison to the Town's financial advisors.
  • See that the Town Supervisor and the Town Board are kept fully advised of the financial condition of the Town.
  • Keep abreast of available grants-in-aid from other levels of government, pursue such revenue sources and make and follow through on applications.
  • Supervise the purchase of services, materials, supplies, equipment and letting of contracts.
  • Review all vouchers prior to submission to the Town Board.
  • Assist the Town Supervisor in preparation of the Supervisor's Report and other necessary financial documents and reports.
  • At the pleasure of the Town Supervisor, prepare and submit the Town's tentative budget to the Supervisor. 
  • See that all inquiries by residents of the Town, or other interested persons, are referred to the appropriate Town official or department head for investigation or response.
  • Coordinate communications from the Town to the public, including preparation of a Town-wide newsletter, updating the Town's web site, and the issuance of media/press statements and written communications to the public.
  • Have such other powers and duties, not inconsistent with law, as from time to time may be provided by local law of the Town Board.

This position was created by the Town Board in 2002.