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Who are the Stewards? 

The Manlius Watershed Stewards are a committee of community members with varying backgrounds that work to mitigate negative impacts and foster watershed resilience through education, outreach and citizen science. They envision healthy watersheds that bring quality of life to the residents if the Town of Manlius. 

Get Involved with the Stewards!

The Manlius Watershed Stewards meet on Tuesdays at the Manlius Library at 6:30. The committee also hosts events throughout the community.  Check out our calendar below for upcoming meetings and events. Email the Stewards at

Report a Stormwater or Flooding Incident.

The Manlius Watershed Stewards want to know what is happening with stormwater and flooding in our community. If you experience or witness an event, please let us know by filling out our ONLINE FORM

Everyone who uses water should know where it comes from and where it goes!

What is Watershed and Why Does It Matter? 

  • A watershed is the land that water flows across or under on its way to a river, lake, stream or bay. Water travels over farm fields, forests, suburban lawns and city streets, or it seeps into the soil and travels as groundwater. Watersheds are separated from each other by high points, such as hills or slopes.
  • We all live in watersheds. The water in your backyard drains over or under the ground to a small creek or pond and is a part of its watershed. Where does the rain in your backyard end up? The answer to this question is your watershed address, the drainage basin where you live. 
  • People can affect the environment's health when they pollute a watershed. Pollutants are materials that can harm plants, animals or humans. These materials may be discharged directly into a waterbody or washed off the land and into waterbodies. Some can also seep into the soil and groundwater.

nygov-logoThis helpful information on watershed is from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. You can learn more about watersheds and how to help protect them on their webpage

Watershed Image of Town of Manlius  Opens in new windowRiver Runner Mapping Tool 

Using this free open-source water mapping tool, you can watch the path of a raindrop from anywhere in the contiguous and see where stormwater flows. 

We are updating our page and adding information regularly. Check back for more information on how you can use this tool.

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