Where do I pay my tax bill and who do I make it out to?

County, Town and School Taxes for the town of Manlius are collected at the Receiver of Taxes Office, 301 Brooklea Dr. Fayetteville NY 13066. Tax payments that are not delinquent should be made payable to Laura Peschel, Reciever of Taxes. Town and County taxes are collected January 2nd through March 31st and School Taxes are collected from September 1st through October 31st. Delinquent tax payments are payable to the Onondaga County Chief Fiscal Officer, 421 Montgomery St. PO Box 1004, Syracuse NY 13201-1004. Town and County tax payments should be payable to the County after March 31st and School taxes are payable to the county after October 31st. 

Penalty dates should be verified with the Receiver of Taxes as those dates fluctuate on a yearly basis. 

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2. Where do I pay my tax bill and who do I make it out to?
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