How do I put out my yard waste for disposal?

ALL YARD WASTE MUST BE CONTAINED AND/OR BUNDLED. LOOSE PILES OF YARD WASTE WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. There is no limit on the amount of brush you may put out. If you are planning on having a lot to dispose of on a pick-up day please give Syracuse Haulers a ‘heads up’. The weight limit for brush/yard waste is 50 pounds per container. Please do not use plastic bags to hold your yard waste. Use either the biodegradable paper bags and/or rigid containers (even an old trash can is acceptable. Make sure the lid is off so that the hauler knows it is brush and not trash). Sticks/branches must either be in a rigid container or bundled with string or hemp twine. No wire please. In addition, any sticks/branches must not exceed five (5) feet in length or three (3) inches in diameter. Anything bigger requires a fee for pick-up. In this situation, please contact Syracuse Haulers to find out the charge and to arrange a pick-up date. Another option for disposing of your branches and trunk pieces is to take them to the Town of Manlius Highway Department where, from 6:30am to 2:30pm, Monday through Friday. There is an area available to dump these items at no charge. Please contact the Town of Manlius Highway Department at 315-656-3090 for more information (absolutely no landscapers are allowed to dump at the Town of Manlius Highway Garage.)

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