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Garbage and Recycling Carts Request Form

  1. Recently residents who are currently enrolled in trash services within the Town of Manlius received new garbage and recycling carts from Syracuse Haulers.  We have a number of options to help serve our residents.

    The attached note stated that swapping to a smaller cart would cost $162. We have worked with Syracuse Haulers to allow for residents to swap to the smaller 65 gallon cart until August 31st at no fee.  If you're interested in swapping to a smaller size, please complete this form and you will be contacted when the 65 gallon carts are available.  Please note, if you swap to the smaller cart size now, there will be a fee if you wish to swap to the larger cart in the future.

    Other options are to be notified when additional 95 gallon carts are available.  There will be an associated yearly fee with additional carts.  

    Another option is to opt out of trash service for 2023.  A written request is required, if you choose this option someone will contact you with more information.

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